Monday, May 14, 2007

Nordstrom's, Pentagon City Mall, Arlington, VA

The Ladies Restroom, pardon me, Ladies Lounge at Nordstrom’s could easily put some living rooms to shame. A lot of effort was put into the facility resulting in a comfy space that could easily host a small event. Cleanliness, of course, is the most important aspect of any bathroom, but what stands out in my mind for Nordstrom’s is the Mother’s room! Oh what a joy to behold. There is a full counter, two chairs that can be used by other children or you if you need to sit down and nurse or just comfort your child. If you forgot your diapers or ran out, there was a diaper vending machine. I didn’t check on sizes, but whatever you can get if you have nothing is fine until you can get home. There was also a door in the event privacy was needed was well as a separate sink. In addition to the mother’s room, there was another lounge area with sofas, chairs, carpeting and nice art on the walls. Another door leading to the actual bathroom full of marble and tons of mirrors including a full length on the wall. The stalls were clean and the floors were free of paper. Several fragrance stick jars were placed around the room to give off lovely scents that were not overwhelming. The stalls were clean and the doors were floor to ceiling with very sturdy locks. The paper towel dispensers were of the old fashioned pull down variety, but were operable. There were plenty of open trashcans around the room, including one by the door. There were only a couple of minor complaints here. One leaky dispenser spilled yucky, pink, disinfectant soap everywhere. Now Nordstrom’s, you all put a lot into this bathroom, please, please upgrade your soap. Lastly, the automatic water does not stay on very long and NEVER got warm. Overall, this is an excellent bathroom, especially for families. Good job!


Sara said...

On the opposite side of Nordstrom, please visit any Macy's. Their bathrooms are beyond disgusting. I've been more than once (mostly the downtown DC location) and am constantly amazed by: lack of toilet paper, dirtiness, faucets that don't work, no paper towels or any way to dry hands. said...


I took your advice and visited 2 different Macy's today and they were awful!! Great tip!