Saturday, May 5, 2007

Tony & Joe's, Washington, DC, Georgetown Waterfront

Tony and Joe's was the perfect lunch spot last Sunday. It was a beautiful, sunny, perfect day and of course it gave me another excuse to rate another bathroom. :) There were tons of people in the area that day, so I was prepared to cut them a little slack, but there was no need. The bathroom, while very dark, was also very clean. There were plenty of stalls and just a tiny bit of paper on the floor; which isn't such a bad thing considering the place was a flutter with drunken women. There was an attendant on hand; and I know this because another patron asked for a feminine product and she graciously provided it for her. Were it not for that encounter, I would have thought she was a tired lady sitting in the corner. The towel dispenser was automatic and there were two open trash cans right by the door. They also had a changing station, but it was in a bit of an awkward spot, that would require people to squeeze between the person changing the baby and the people washing their hands. Overall, not bad, but awfully dungeon-like and management should consider moving the changing station. Still one of my favorite spots!

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Anonymous said...

I am a new mom and just assumed all bathrooms had changing tables. Surprise! I just found out they don't. I went to Tony and Joe's this past weekend on the Georgetown waterfront. Since the renovation, the bathroom is beautiful and clean...but no changing station. The manager was very accomodating and aplogetic. Great idea for a blog!