Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Zatinya, 7th Street, Washington, DC

My husband and I discovered Zatinya by accident on my birthday a couple of years ago. It has now become part of our ritual of skipping work and taking in a movie while the kids are at school. Like an actual date! The restaurant is decked out in white and blue and reminds of the time I spent in Mykonos (good time, great memories, I need to find those pics). Sorry, I was caught up in the moment. The chairs and tables are done in muted tones that go well with the blue/white walls. The other thing I love about this restaurant is the bar area which isn't tucked away as if to shame its inhabitants, but is stretched along the wall with a great assortment of libations and beautiful back lighting. The food is Greek and Middle Eastern inspired and while they do not have a kid's menu, the food is kid friendly. The small portions bring to mind the tapas found in many Spanish restaurants. We all enjoyed the French fries with yogurt sauce and hot, yummy, puffy bread served with olive oil. The falafel, spanokopita and hummus were also hits with us. Amazingly, I never went into the restroom until now. They had my favorite floor to ceiling doors and a very large room for the handicapped (no changing table). The soap was upgraded to something pearly, nicely scented and moisturizing. It's nice not to look like you've been playing in chalk after your hands dry. The highlight for me was the sink area. The minimalist decor continued, but the faucets and sink were incredible. The faucet was a silver tube coming out of the stone wall with the handles for hot and cold on either side. The water flowed into a stone bowl sitting atop a brown wooden stand, very pretty and different. The hooks for purses were a very nice touch. Who hasn't had the fumble to wash hands and hold on to a purse at the same time? The rooms were clean and there were open trashcans around the room and near the door. Darn near perfect. Oh yes, they make a great Martini here (no floating ice/crystals, a smidgen of vermouth, very cold with big ass olives).

P.S. I have video, but it looks like something out of the Blair Witch Project. I’ll post pictures later.

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