Wednesday, June 13, 2007

McCormick & Schmick, Reston Town Center, Reston, VA

Loved it!! I had an evening meeting and decided to drop by Reston Town Center afterwards for a little drinky drink. I am so far removed from the scene that I assumed it would be a quiet night at the restaurants. No such thing, every place was packed! I bellied up to the bar at McCormick and Schmick and may have possibly met my favorite bartender…Cindy! The bar area was beyond busy, but Cindy introduced herself, asked my name and never forgot it for the rest of the evening. What impressed me most is that she did the same thing with every patron, not just the regulars. That is a skill that I do not possess; so I am truly impressed when I see it in others. Not only that she made my martini fast and perfect! It was very cold, no floating ice chips, no vermouth taste and was served with 3 huge olives! OH JOY!! I ordered a Greek salad and Maryland crab soup. The salad was excellent as well; the best part was the leaves were cut down to size for easy eating, but not shredded. The amount of feta cheese was not overdone as I have seen in many places, but they could have thrown in a few more black olives. The soup was very good, but a little on the fishy side for my taste. This was served with a huge hunk of crusty bread and butter, which I managed to avoid like the plague. The bathroom was also very nice. It was clean, clean, clean and this is no small fete when you have a huge crowd of drinking people. The d├ęcor was black and white marble and with multi-colored tiles. There were 4 stalls with floor to ceiling doors, my favorite kind of door, and the large handicapped stall had a changing table. The sink area was adorned with fresh flowers, two sinks each with its own soap and wall mounted lotion dispenser, nice touch. The soap was an upgraded foam with a nice scent. One of the faucets was wobbly, but still in working condition. The water was hot and forceful and hand towels were adequate. If I still lived/worked in Reston, I would not hesitate to go back.

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