Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mie N Yu, M Street, Washington, DC

Oh Joy!! Finally another good restaurant and great bathroom to boot! I had only visited the bar at Mie N Yu, but soon after starting this contest I received 3 entries to name it as most interesting bathroom in DC. The waiter directed me to go down stairs and upon entering the bathroom area I was a bit confused. I was looking for the standard men and women marked doors, but oh no...this unique bathroom is a wide space with individual, unisex stalls and floor to ceiling doors. I LOVE THAT! No worries of someone playing peek-a-boo under the stalls. The tile was a pretty green color and the commodes were black. Black commodes seem to be a recurring theme in a lot of restrooms these days. I'm assuming because they show less dirt. The overall theme of the restaurant has a middle easter vibe and that same decor was carried into the rest area. Each stall had an individual mirror with a hook for your purse. Excellent! Pick your teeth or whatever in complete privacy. The sink area was very cool. It's an open area with pipes leading into wooden barrels. There are about 6 individual barrels with smooth black stones in the bottom of each. Only one major complaint, while the soap was in pretty containers, it was not in plain view nor was it close to the "sink" I was using. The hand towels were the high quality thick variety and there was trashcan resembling a clothes hamper next to the wall. This truly is an interesting bathroom and is in the top running for the most interesting in DC.

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