Monday, July 9, 2007

China Opens Worlds Largest Bathroom

I saw this story on CNN while I was at the gym and could not resist putting it on the site. Looks like a very interesting place.



BeverlyM said...

My only question is are these supposed to be the rear-ends of middle aged women or just women with alot of junk in their trunk. If I were a man (thank God, I'm not), I would have a problem using these restrooms. Personally, I think it's insulting. Just my thoughts.

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Beverly Mahone
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Vivienne Quek said...

I chuckled when I saw the photo. Restroom can be really boring, at least these inject some humour into an otherwise "me-too" type of loo.

China is hosting Beijing Olympics in 2008. One of their urgent quests is to ensure all public restrooms are up to par to meet the satisfaction of international travelers. They are spending big money to market China and they won't want lousy restrooms to spoil the image.

Whether it's a country or a small company, marketing is the pulse that keep other vital organ functions.

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gwadzilla said...


looks dangerous
I would hate to walk in on a lonely man washing more than his hands

gwadzilla said...

an interesting bathroom was at Tracks

there were stand up urinals for the men that were face to face

so on a crowded night...

you were peeing face to face

as if you were peeing on the midsection of another man

as a shy straight guy...
this was often awkward to me
as giving the golden shower was never anything I had fantasized about

1986 said...

haha, yeah i was going to laugh more than that but then i read the whole 'golden shower' comment...hmmm, i didn't really think of that concept so just gross dammit!

Lavatory Lady said...

Yeah, the peeing face to face thing would be a problem. Wasn't Tracks a gay nightclub?