Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good Stuff Eatery, Washington, DC

Finally, I'm doing a new post. I'm back to working part-time but 3 kids takes up a lot of time. Through it all, my husband and I managed to find some time to check out Good Stuff Eatery in DC for some phenomenal burgers.

I happened to come across the announcement of the the impending opening back in July and was very excited to find that Spike Mendelsohn of Top Chef was running the place. Spike was my favorite that season. That said, I was a bit leery of a place that boasted of burgers, after all, how special can a burger be? Let me tell you something; these burgers are pretty damn special as evidenced by the wall to wall customers tripping over themselves to make an order that day. I got the Farmhouse cheese burger and was blown away by the perfect seasoning and fresh taste of the meat. This was no ordinary burger. The onion rings were less like rings but more like battered onion chunks, not a huge fan, but the french fries with thyme and rosemary were quite good. Since I'm still trying to lose baby weight, I didn't even get near the custom made shakes, but they sounded wonderful bearing names like Toasted Marshmallow, Milky Way Malt and D-Lechable Leche.

I really didn't expect much from the bathroom as I have found that in Capital Hill, space is at a premium and there is no such thing as a large bathroom. This place was no different, it was more like a small closet with a toilet. Here's the interesting thing, while I was waiting, 3 women emerged from the bathroom. I have no idea how they all fit and even less of an idea of why they were in there together. At any rate, the bathroom was in need of some cleaning attention, I'll provide a pass since the place was beyond busy. The trashcan was overflowing, the mirror was smeared and there was hair and water on the sink. Overall, it did not appear to be a bathroom that suffered from chronic lack of attention. Now, the restaurant is listed as kid friendly, but I assure you the bathroom is not. While it would not be impossible to change a child and/or have multiple children with you, it would be quite a challenge. The food; however, is so good I would not let that deter me from returning.

The biggest disappointment was that Spike was not wearing his trademark hat! Also, he threw an eggshell at me. OK, not at me but while I was standing in line Spike tossed a an eggshell toward the traschan,missed and hit me instead. He laughed and apologized.

Overall, a great place and well worth the wait!

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