Sunday, January 2, 2011

DC Coast - New Year's Eve 2010

Friday night, the fam and I went to DC Coast.  This is one of those places I've been meaning to try for awhile and after riding around the city for nearly an hour in search of a place that opened before 5:30pm, we settled on DC coast.  It opened at 5:30, by the way.  If nothing else the baby got a nap during the drive.

The staff was extremely welcoming and attentive and our waiter, his name escapes me, was excellent.  I finally got a chance to try caviar (loved it) and baked alaska.  My husband had the special smoked lobster dish with crispy fried spinach.  The lobster was great, but I found the spinach to be on the oily side.  I chose the gnocchi which was darn near perfect, although I am afraid to know how many weight watchers points this cost me.  I guestimated on the high side.  The CEO martini was very nice even though it was not made with Grey Goose.

Of course, no family trip to anywhere is complete without a trip to the restroom.   Little Miss is not potty trained, so we are still changing pull-ups.  The bathroom was downstairs and the first thing to hit me was the scent.  No worries, it was a very good scent.  It has to be the best smelling restroom EVER.   It was very clean, fully stocked, with a full length mirror and good hand soap.   Unfortunatley, there was no changing table, but this is my 3rd child so I know how to make it work without dropping her on the floor.  The only slight drawback was not having a trashcan right at the door to keep from having to touch the door handle.

This one is on my return list!  Good food, clean bathrooms and excellent martinis; what's better than that?


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