Thursday, April 26, 2007

Caribou Coffee, Washington, DC (18th & M)

I'm such a Starbucks fiend that I never really get to try other coffee shops in close proximity. I decided to try Caribou coffee on Saturday just for a change of pace and honestly to check out their restroom. This is another restroom that requires a key to enter and while it may be a bit inconvenient, it's worth it because of the reduction of exposure risk . Another big plus, a clean, fold down changing table on the wall. The sink was also very clean and the paper towels were in a convenient pull down dispenser. The light was good and the decor was minimal but not stark. The place was in need of some light housekeeping as the toilet needed a cleansing, the handicap rail was dirty and the mirror was smeared and spotted. The trashcan needs to be replaced with one that does not require touching to throw away trash. Additionally, there were a couple of ceiling tiles missing. I'm not sure why this was left open, but I was afraid something would jump or fly out of that hole any second! Not terrible, but needs some work.

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