Sunday, May 6, 2007

Extra Virgin, Shirlington, Arlington, VA

This is one of my favorite places for Friday night dinner. It's a perfect blend of kid friendly and adult friendly. We go here on Friday nights and get a good pizza for the kids and a nice bottle of wine and adult food for ourselves and by adult food; I don't mean your choice of chicken fingers, quesadillas and salad from a bar with a sneeze guard. This is a place where you can hear good jazz music AND get a highchair and crayons for the kids. All this and nice bathrooms!! What more could a person ask for in life? First off, it was very clean! No paper on the floor, the sink and commodes were spotless. The decor was a light colored wood with gray granite or stone tiles. The lighting was perfect and the mirrors were large and clean. The best part; everything was automated!! The toilets, the towel dispenser and the trashcans were all automated (my 5 year old got a kick out of that). The less I have to touch in a bathroom the better. Great going Extra Virgin, you get the best automation award!


Googla Monster said...

Hi Lavatory Lady. I just discovered your blog, which came up on a Google search of "Shirlington." First of all, thank you for doing this blog. I also have strong feelings about the condition of public restrooms - especially restaurant restrooms. It's important that owners and managers know that customers, who they wish to be future customers, use the condition of their restrooms as a criterion for return business.

Googla Monster said...

2nd Post: I was also happy to see your favorable post about Extra Virgin! It's great that they continue to expand the number of nights that they have live music playing.

Lia said...

googla monster: thanks so much for your post!! Please come back again.