Saturday, May 5, 2007

Smith and Wollensky, 19th St., Washington, DC

I no longer eat meat so I don't have much of a reason to go to Smith and Wollensky except for a club soda with lime, for which I was accidentally charged $43.20 (a bartender error) and to check out the restroom. The jazz playing at the bar was nice and it wasn’t in the middle of the restaurant where you feel like you’re on display for other (real) diners. On to the bathroom, which consisted of 1 lone toilet. I would think a restaurant that charges over $40 for club soda could afford a couple of stalls. At any rate, there was a sturdy lock on the door and lovely linen hand towels for drying hands. The toilet and sink were clean and the press down water was warm. There was a silver doohickey on the wall that may have been a trashcan for "stuff", but it was on the other side of the bathroom away from the commode. It actually looked like on those creepy doors in the doctor's office where you place your "sample" with your name on it. It was adequate, and a bit disappointing, but clean which is the most important aspect.

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