Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Indebleu, 7th Street, Washington, DC

I went to Indebleu a couple of years ago and did not have the pleasure of viewing the bathroom. I need to go back for a trip to check out the food, but yesterday I ran in for the sole purpose of checking out the facilities. I do recall during my last visit that they had the coolest waiting area. It's not brightly lit, but there were very hip comfortable sofas that put one more in the frame of mind of going to bed rather than eating a meal. The upstairs dining room was a bit more formal, but maintained an air of fun. The bathroom can only be described as one of the coolest I've ever seen. Get this, instead of a mirror, there's a camera and your face shows on the screen! I loved didn't provide the best reflection but it certainly puts it in the running for the most interesting bathroom in the area. The sink (pictured above) was a silver tub coming up out of a glass disk where the water flowed down. Not particularly forceful, but nice to look at for 20 seconds. The colors follow the theme of the restaurant which are dark reds (my personal favorite, one my bathrooms is in this color). It was clean and the hand towels were readily available. There were open trashcans and 4 stalls, one of which was for the disabled. Guess what? No changing table, it's certainly not that kind of place. I thought the area between the stalls and the sink was a bit on the narrow side. I do have footage, but again it is very Blair Witch Project like. I need to work on that or at least get another digital camera. Nice place, I'll go back again.

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