Saturday, May 5, 2007

Legal Seafood, K Street, Washington, DC

I was pleasantly surprised by the bathrooms at Legal Seafood. They had a separate make-up counter and mirror separate from those in front of the sink (very nice). Flowers in a vase, while fake, added a nice touch as did the beige tile with the green and blue accents. Let me add the fake flowers were free of dust. Often-times, establishments will put out fake flowers and allow them collect dust and in my opinion you're better off not having any floral decor. There was a also another large mirror on the wall opposite the sinks, so everyone can make sure they are pretty and free of spinach teeth before they return to their dates. There was a large stall at the end of the row with a changing table, I love that! The vents over the stalls could use some cleaning and the stall dividers could use a fresh coat of paint. On to the sinks; there were two soap dispensers, one was clean and the other was not working. The water was automatic and oh my gosh, there was so much force it almost blew me out the door!! It was insanely forceful and shut off very quickly. Not only that, the water was very cold and shut off just as it got warm. It took 3 tries to get the soap off my hands. The bathroom was nice overall, but they need to get a handle on that water situation. The thing that really shocked me was the men’s room. NO, I did not go in, but as someone was coming out, I noticed they had two tables with lacy table cloths and very nice flowers on each. I thought they only gave guys urinals and dividers if they were lucky. Good looking out for the guys.

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Gunfighter said...

You'd have to expect that Legal Seafood would have a nice lav... I mean, all those K street bandits on powerlunches with Congressmen have to have a nice place to pee... and pass secrets to the Russians.