Sunday, May 27, 2007

Macy's, Landmark Mall, Alexandria, VA

Oh Macy's, Macy's, Macy's. I received an e-mail from Sara telling me to check out Macy's because the condition of the bathrooms always leaves a lot to be desired. So far she is right on the money. The Macy's at Landmark was the 2nd this week and it was awful! Again, several of the sinks were inoperable, some soap dispensers were either broken or empty and there was a handwritten sign on one door stating the stall was out of order. The disabled stall I spent the most time in had a lock with missing pieces and you could see straight into the stall (exposure issue). The corners and floors were very dirty as was the toilet. They also made a half hearted attempt at a lounge area and while it looked a heck of a lot better than Pentagon City's, it still fell flat. Macy's get it together!

This picture was snapped in the "men's" section of Macy's. I'm not sure what C.K. was thinking, but those are PANTIES!! Not underwear, but panties. Those can't even qualify as briefs!

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