Thursday, May 10, 2007

More Contest Entries

Billy S. - St. Gregory for best bathroom

Scott S. - Pour House - i'm assuming worst bathroom, not really sure, but I'll check it out.

TNA Lady - Raven - "terrifying... something out of deliverance"
TNA Lady - Regent Thai - best bathroom

Keep 'em coming!!


Anonymous said...

The Fox and Hounds on 17th.

Chuckles said...

Mei N Yu (or however that is spelled) for Best.

It has a fountain for a sink!

Mary1975 said...

Chinatown Express (6th Street near H)has a nightmarish bathroom wedged up a few stairs, by the kitchen, which even has a mop sink in it. Or, possibly the bathroom was put in the sink closet.

Anonymous said...

the pour house is F-O-U-L. Can't touch a thing there.

additionally, many of DC's public schools are far from acceptable. No soap, ofen no water and toilets nearly overflowing - action needs to be taken