Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why a Bathroom Blog?

One of the questions I often get is, “why are you reviewing bathrooms”? This question is typically followed up by the suggestion to do political or celebrity blogging because I might get something more out it. As if my 3 free club sodas are not enough! There are plenty of people handling the political/celebrity side of things. I, of course, will keep an eye on the race for president and listen to all of the nit picking of Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama (it’s really out of control) because it’s important. The problem I have is that nothing is ever truly black and white and I prefer not to get kicked around by the general public for my political views. That is the job of my republican father-in-law. As for Celebrity Blogs, I’m not knocking them as I do read some of them and even comment on some of the outrageous behavior. It’s a guilty pleasure and a time waster, but I am not going to track down the latest Britney crisis (no underwear, drugs, bad husband, missing baby), how much time Paris Hilton will spend in jail, or Lindsay Lohan’s latest antics, Nicole Richie’s weight loss, Sienna Miller's latest conquest, PDiddy’s newest band, Jay-Z’s latest business, Beyonce’s newest earrings, Angelina Jolie’s newest baby or Rosie O’Donnell’s newest project. I’ll read about it briefly, but as far as sitting down and writing and researching it; I’ll leave that to two of my favorites, DListed and YBF.

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ashglunk13 said...

I found your link through Dooce's Flickr...

Thank you for giving me something great to read about our I'm going to be scouring bathrooms everyday in DC. Good wholesome stuff.