Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Palm, 19th Street, Washington, DC

As expected the bathroom at The Palm was very nice. It was decked out in green marble and wood. There were decorative flowers and clean toilets. The water was good and hand towels were nice and thick with the restaurant logo on them (nice touch). There were plenty of mirrors including a full length on the wall. I really love that because it's the worst thing in the world to leave the bathroom with your dress tucked in your panty hose. One interesting thing I noticed while sitting at The Palm enjoying my $3.00 club soda, were all the color picture cut-outs on the wall. I meant to ask the bartender about them but we started talking about kids and the rest was history. Nice place, I'd go back for dinner.

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Anonymous said...

I ate at the Palm in Tysons on 5/8. The bathroom was small and unimpressive. Though slightly better than the food, which was overrated and overpriced. A disappointment all around!