Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Acadiana, 901 New York Avenue, Washington, DC

What can I say, I love Acadiana!! Unbelievably, I have been to this restaurant at least 3 times and somehow I have managed to miss out on rating its bathroom. What a shame because it is fabulous! I'll get back to that later. I would suggest this restaurant to anyone as it is consistently excellent, from the service to the food and I have never been disappointed. My favorites are the fried green tomatoes, meat pies, red fish and barbecued shrimp (can you add a vegetable to that item). They also offer a vegetarian plate for those of us avoiding meat. Mine consisted of collard greens, grits and fried green tomatoes. All of it was delectable. The bar area is also very nice and again I had a great bartender during my "bathroom critique" trip. The bathroom was perfect. The stalls had nearly floor to ceiling doors and were fully stocked with toilet paper. Each stall was clean as a whistle and had a nice shelf behind the toilets for safe storage of purses. There were also individual trashcans in each stall. The sink area had two pretty, free standing sinks and decorative mirrors behind each one. The water was hot and forceful and the paper towel dispenser was automatic. There was an open trash can between the sinks but not near the door. The light was not overly bright and the decor was pleasant. No extras were available, but none are needed for this place. This is still one of my favorite places in DC.

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