Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lucky Strike, Gallery Place, Washington, DC

My family and I came here for my husband's birthday lunch back in March. We were very impressed with the pizza (my kids love pizza, go figure) because they use fresh mozzarella as opposed to the plastic variety. I came back to rate the bathrooms and was very impressed with the place. I sat at the bar and ordered my usual club soda with lime. Another nice bartender...this has to be some kind or record. I'm not a frequent bowler, but this has to be the nicest bowling alley bathroom I've ever seen. It should go without saying that is was very clean, but there as much thought put into the decor of the bathroom as it was to the main areas. There was dark stone tile adoring the walls and there were various articles hanging on the walls about stars who bowl. I thought this was cute and different. Not to mention it will give you something to read while hiding from a bad date. Additionally, there was a nice well kept plant in the corner and plenty of room at the basin. The lighting was a bit on the dark side and there were 3 clean stalls. Please note: no changing tables. The soap was blue and a bit watery with a nice scent. The water pressure and temp was good. Lucky Strike, as a whole, is very spacious, beautifully decorated, with lots of activities for adults and older kids. I definitely plan to return


Jennifer said...

I have a lav recommendation- have you seen the one at Zengo yet? Asian/Mexican fusion restaurant with the neatest bathroom decor...

Lavatory Lady said...

I haven't been to that one yet, but I will most certainly check it out!

Thanks for the suggestion.