Thursday, June 7, 2007

Firehook Bakery, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC

I spent the afternoon on Capitol Hill seeking out the bathrooms from the contest entries, most of the submissions in this area are for worst bathroom in DC. We needed to eat first and since we would not eat in any of the places submitted, for obvious reasons, we chose Firehook Bakery. I'd read a couple of weeks ago that this is one of the best bakeries in DC and was eager to try it out. The first thing I had was a brownie sample at the register. Ahhh..simply divine. It was moist, chocolaty, buttery and tasted like it was made by somebody's mother. Not mine, because she doesn't bake, but SOMEBODY's. I picked up a Firehook salad and a cup of garden vegetable soup while my husband got a chicken Panini. The salad was delish!! Mesclun greens, gorgonzola cheese, raisins, red grapes and cracker thingies. It came with the house dressing which seemed to be a honey mustard, citrus, poppy seed concoction. It was very good as was the soup. It was full of vegetables in a tomato broth, that wasn't too heavy but did not come off like tomato water. My husband’s chicken Panini was also very good, full of chicken, cheese and vegetables. We intended to take some of the specialty breads home with us, but we were too late. Now for the bathrooms. They were a rousing disappointment. The one good thing is that they had a changing table and an automatic towel dispenser. Everything else was bad. There was a ceiling tile moved of place, which always creeps me out. The place had an odor to it that does not belong anywhere around food and the commode was filthy! Firehook, you cannot produce such wonderful treats and completely ignore your bathroom. Clean up your act please.

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Melisa said...

You are really on to something big and I support you fully. Keep it up!!

Melisa (Grandma Lisa)