Friday, June 8, 2007

The Ugly Mug, 8th Street

This bathroom was sent to me as a worst in DC entry, but considering what I saw, I can't put it in that category. One of the first things they have on their side is the fact that it did not smell like a bar when I walked in. The place was very clean and the bar area was impeccably neat and well organized. Of course, the bartender was very pleasant and I must say bartenders are fast becoming some of my favorite people on the planet. At any rate, the bathroom was also very clean and I’m sure it's due in part to only having a hand dryer available. Now, ordinarily I would say that's awful, but in a place that's primarily a bar, it's the best alternative. Drunk people tend to have bad aim. The soap and water were fine and while I cannot place this bathroom in the worst category; it was not without a few issues. In the very first stall the door was "inside out"? Take a look at the video; it will clarify what I mean. The last stall (there were only 2) was the one I used because after 3 club sodas, I really had to go. As I reached for the toilet paper, the dispenser fell open and nearly cracked me in the head. Also, the toilet started to rock when I flushed it, which wasn't a huge deal, but I can imagine how this would affect a person 3 sheets to the wind. LOL!! Must be a sight. At any rate, I mentioned the toilet paper assault dispenser to the very nice bartender and he told the manager who said she'd handle it. Overall, if I were the bar type, I would come to this place. It also got a thumbs up from Mr. Lavatory Man as it had 5 plasmas behind the bar (mostly tuned into sports) and two more in other areas. If they fix the door it would go on top as one of the best “bar” bathrooms.

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