Friday, June 1, 2007

Mental or Physical?

Progress at all Cost: IS IT MENTAL OR PHYSICAL (The urge to tinkle grows worse and worse)

Mark Bey over at Progress at all Cost ponders the question whether the urgent need to go is all in our heads at times. This post of course ties in nicely with what I do. I have often not gone while out in an effort to wait until I could get home and yes, the closer I got, the more I had to go. Mark so eloquently describes his situation after a night of partying:

Finally when we approached the street that I lived on my need to go became unbearable and every second my agony worsened. Finally the car reached my home I and I jumped out yelled goodbyes to my boys as I sprinted up the steps. When I reach the my front door I began to search for my keys and after going through my pockets for what seemed like an eternity I finally find my keys.
I feel the agony in his post because I've been there; the other thing I notice is if I'm in the middle of trying to hurry and finish something (this post for example) the need to go is intensified. Thanks Mark!


Henry Leong said...

Thanks for your comment, lots of people fail because they are not persistence enough.

Lavatory Lady said...

I totally agree. Life will not hand you what you want or even what you dream about, you have to go get it!

mark said...

Thank you for posting this Lavatory Lady. I want you to know that I really appreciate what you are doing. You are going to force all of these restuaraunts and other businesses to clean up thier bathrooms.

This is a blessing for all of those who have daughters, mothers, wives, sisters, ect.

I am going to post your imformation over at the Afrosphere forum. Please visit and join if you have the time. Have a great weekend.