Friday, June 1, 2007

Tonic at Quigley's, Foggy Bottom, Washington, DC

I came by this place accidentally as I was making a trip to Pennsylvania Avenue for lunch. I figured why not give it a shot. After all a new place would have a clean bathroom. I know, I know…a one track mind. Tonic is the new restaurant on George Washington University’s Foggy Bottom campus. It is actually the old Quigley’s pharmacy. I was there the day after opening day and was pleasantly surprised at everything they offered. The restaurant has lots of wood, brick and plenty of windows. I chose to sit at the bar to be served by the bartenders who, again, were very nice. The menu had a lot offer in terms of meatless items and even has a separate dessert menu. This place is no dive. I also spied tiny buckets of crayons and high chairs tucked in a corner, so in spite of the fact it is on a campus, it is still somewhat kid friendly. I ordered the Hummus Wrap and roasted Red Pepper soup. They were both delicious! The wrap was full of veggies (a few too many sprouts for my taste) and had plenty of flavor. The red pepper soup was spicy, creamy and thick. I saw some items delivered to other customers that were tempting to look at. All the sandwiches were served with tator tots (I used to love those as a kid!) and the Buffalo wings looked appetizing as well. The bathroom was very pleasant, mainly because one whole side is windows overlooking the street. It offers tons of natural light and they open on each end, which in time will keep the bathroom from getting a dank musty odor. The tiles were sparkling clean in colors of plum, dark pink and vanilla. There was a trash can near the door, but the paper tower dispenser was overstuffed which made it difficult to pull out just one. There was Soft-soap still it its original containers; I would suggest an investment is some decent dispensers. There was no changing table in the larger stall which surprised me since there are crayons and high chairs in the restaurant. Nice bathroom, but the true test will come with time. Will that tile stay sparkling? Overall I liked the place, but they do have a few service blips to work out. There was some confusion on orders and at the cash register, but again, it was only the second day so I’ll give them a pass. I’ll go back for lunch in the near future.

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