Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Thai of Shirlington, Shirlington Village, VA

I really love the Shirlington Village as my experiences there have always been positive. My latest visit to the Thai of Shirlington restaurant was great; with the exception of a very rude hostess, who left for our table without us, threw our menus on the table and nearly mowed us down on her way back to the front. I used to come to this place all the time, but kids are typically not big lovers of Thai food so it's not on the schedule as much as Extra Virgin (another Shirlington favorite). I typically am not too adventurous when it comes to Thai food and I once again went with my favorite drunken noodles. Yummy! The noodles were big and wide and not stuck together in a mushy ball like some places. The dish was very spicy! None of that wimpy crap here; the red peppers were the real deal. There were no vegetables as advertised on the menu, unless they count the one sliver of red bell pepper and basil leaves. Not a complaint, just an observation. I decided to give the Thai Pepper Vodka-Tini a whirl; just for the sake of being different. OH lordy. If you're having spicy food, do NOT order a drink made with pepper. Folks, when they say pepper, they mean it. You can't see actual pepper floating in the drink, but the vodka was obviously infused with it. It became quite apparent after I took a bite of the spicy dish and then took a sip of the Martini in an effort to cool my mouth. Big mistake!! Rest assured, there are no more pepper-tini's in my future. The ladies room was VERY clean. Someone took the time to paint it red, which I thought added a nice touch. There was also pretty tile and excellent lighting. There was nothing very exciting or scandalous about it, but fortunately it is not a restaurant I will have to take of my list.

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