Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bonefish, Kingstowne, VA

I have been waiting to try Bonefish for about 3 years. It got such rave reviews from several people that when I heard one was opening near us, I jumped at the chance to go. We had a bit of wait so we took the children outside for about 15 minutes until our table was ready. We ordered the chicken eggroll appetizer which wasn't bad, but was a bit on the juicy side. To our great surprise our two year old loved it! My husband and I ordered drinks; a pomegranate martini for me and a raspberry mojito for him. Tsk, tsk....we strayed from our usual drink order and got burned. My pomegranate martini was more like cold syrup in a martini glass. I sent it back and went with my usual Grey Goose Martini with olives (dirty, this time). Oy! I think they got the vermouth and the vodka measures backwards! It was like I ordered a vermouth martini....not good. The raspberry mojito while very pretty was quite weak as well. OK, enough about the drinks.

The piping bread was served with olive oil, parsley, garlic, kalamata olives and parmesan cheese blended at the table. It was delicious!! I only allowed myself a small piece but would have gladly had it as an entree. Yes, it was THAT good.

This place is known for its fresh fish and choice of 3 sauces to accompany it. I ordered the rainbow trout and my husband got the sea bass. We both chose the Mediterranean sauce with capers. They were both good, but I thought the sea bass was better.

The bathrooms were lovely with lots of wood, real plants and artwork on the walls. The hand towels were in pretty baskets and the soap and overall smell of the place was pleasant. The water was hot and there was an open trashcan near the door.

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