Saturday, August 18, 2007

Uno's, Baltimore Harbour

OK, Ok, I know it's Uno's and I shouldn't expect fine dining, but our experience was worse than I'd expect at the worst McDonalds! We were seated immediately; I guess that's one positive thing. The view of the Harbor was cool and we were close to the Aquarium (our final destination). Where do I begin? We only received 1 children's menu and 1 set of crayons and we clearly have two children. The waitress was gracious enough to bring us a 2nd set before WW III erupted. Afterwards, as she did throughout our service, she inexplicably disappeared for an inordinate amount of time. She returned a bit later; perhaps after a shower and a cigarette, to take our order. The kids had the usual and I got the veggie burger with steamed veggies and my husband got some kind of pasta with red sauce. Just as we were about to send a search party for our disappearing waitress, she returned with our food. Really, she could have just stayed away! It was horrid. My husband's pasta had no taste what so ever. It was like someone cooked pasta and threw some cheap, tastless sauce on it and put it in a bowl. My side dish was inedible, but I did manage to eat the burger portion of the burger. The kids' chicken and fries was the best thing on our table. Our on again off again waitress returned and offered the kids ice cream; the absolute last thing they needed after that extremely unhealthy dinner, but hey it was the weekend and it's not an everyday occurrence.

I figured that just maybe a little wine might quell my annoyance with the place; so I ordered the Chateau St. Michelle Riesling as my "dessert". I mean, that's safe right? How can you screw up wine?? Well, I've had this particular Riesling before and enjoyed it, but it was always served CHILLED. The wine I was served was slightly below room temperature and to me it was undrinkable. Great, they managed to ruin my entire lunch! After the search and rescue team returned with our waitress we paid for our "meal" and took a potty break. Lord have mercy...the bathroom was atrocious. I shouldn't have been surprised, but I thought maybe our waitress was busy tidying up the restrooms during all the time she was missing in action. No so! There were three stalls and one was missing a door; the kiss of death in my ratings process. There was paper strewn about, hair in the sink and a general bad odor indicative of improper cleaning. I will never EVER go back there again!

One more thing: The music in the place is beyond loud! Be sure to turn down the volume on your hearing aids and bring some ear plugs if you decide not the heed my warnings about this place.

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