Monday, April 23, 2007

Beverly Wilshire Hotel Lobby Restroom, Los Angeles, CA

OK, it's the Beverly Wilshire so expectations were high. My husband and I had the pleasure of staying at this hotel in February 2006 and every expectation was exceeded. I love everything about this hotel and this is where I plan to live when I retire. Yes, I liked it that much! The hotel lobby restroom was fantastic. The bathroom was beyond clean, there was no visible paper, water stains or even a speck of dust anywhere. The soap provided was Molton Brown and the scent was fresh and clean. I have since begun using it in my own home in certain rooms. It was nicely decorated with good lighting and fresh flowers. The best part, an attendant gave me a fresh warm towel to dry my hands. It's really unfair to pit this against your everyday bathroom because it is truly in a class by itself. For me, it's the standard by which all other bathrooms are rated.

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