Monday, April 23, 2007

My Ratings System

The ratings for each category are from 1 – ack! To 5 – most excellent.
Ratings Categories

Cleanliness – should be clean with no trash or water on the floor. Trash should be emptied and the sinks wiped down and mirrors cleaned. Toilet seats should be wiped clean of “anything”.

Soap Quality – I despise the pink hospital smelling moisture sucking soap in most bathrooms. I appreciate when an establishment ups their soap game. I understand the need for antibacterial soap but it doesn’t have to smell bad.

Hot Forceful Water – Dribbles of water do not clean hands, I understand water conservation; however, hands need to be washed in very warm water forceful enough to remove all soap and dirt.

Drying Apparatus – Those rolling towels will not fly here, nor will stacks of brown paper that fall to floor. Towels need to reside in a receptacle that is easily assessable and does not require you to reach over other patrons or rip your arm out of the socket to pull them out. Air dryers are nice but noisy. Personally, I prefer nice warm towels from an attendant, but that’s not always financially feasible.

General Smell – If a bathroom has been properly and regularly cleaned, notwithstanding certain “a-hem” circumstances, the smell should be pleasant.

Trash Receptacle – There should be more then one receptacle and it should be regularly emptied and patrons should not have to touch it for it work. Preferably, there should be a trashcan by the door in the event you want to open the door using a paper towel and simply drop the paper in the can near the door. This is what I do because let’s face it; some people simply do not wash their hands.

Door Locks – This is pretty straight forward; one should not have to worry about accidental exposure in an establishment

Lighting – Lights should be bright enough to get a good look at oneself and freshen make-up, but not blazing bright or cave like.

Décor/Other Niceties – Pretty simple décor is nice and I adore when other niceties such as lotion, mints or feminine products are available. Nice to have but not necessary.


Anonymous said...

Bars of soap in public bathrooms are bad, BTW. Bacteria GROW on them.

Lia said...

Ewww....I haven't seen that one yet, but that would definitely lower their rating in my book as well. Good Tip!!