Monday, April 23, 2007

Kinkeads, Washington, DC (2000 Pennsylvania Ave.)

This is one of our favorite restaurants for family gatherings and I had lunch there this afternoon. I only had a chance to look at the lower level bathroom because Mr. Lavatory Man (my husband) was ready to leave. The lower level bathroom by the bar was a bit on the small side, but that's understandable since it is not the main bathroom in the restaurant. The walls were a black marble are at least marble-like, with amber and white accents. There was a combination of decorative and recessed lighting. The effect provided plenty of light, but not so much that your corneas were singed. A vase of flowers on the attractive Kohler sink added a nice touch. Kohler really makes some of the most unique sinks around. This one in particular featured a thin round faucet curving out of the mirror down into a sink which appears to be a white bowl sitting atop the vanity. The handle was also built into the mirror beside the faucet. The soap was in a separate container and smelled like a combination of the dreaded pink variety and something that had a decent smell at one time. The dispenser was a brushed aluminum that was in need of cleaning. The toilets and corners of the stall could stand some attention and the paper towel dispenser was crammed with towels and required a bit of wrestling to remove a couple to dry my hands. There were two places to throw away the towels; in front of the last stall (I found this odd) and on the wall right by the door (very good). Overall; not bad, but I will need to take a trip back there to check out the main bathroom.

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