Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Old Ebbitt Grill, Washington, DC (15th Street)

Old Ebbitt Grill has been a family favorite of ours for a number of years. During my last visit; however, I was thoroughly disappointed with its restroom. Let's start with the good stuff. The decor was nice, though a bit on the dark side. The basin area was done in an orange and white marble. The fresh flowers in the sink area were a nice touch. The paper towels were free standing and easily assessable and the water was warm and forceful. The stalls are in need of some help. They are very dark and creepy. There is what appears to be an old ashtray attached to the metal dividers and each one contained a black, moldy, dusty substance. Additionally, there are mirrors on the back wall and as I turned to it to take a look at myself, I also saw the face of the person in the stall next to me! Talk about creepy. The handicap/family stall was nice and roomy and most importantly had a changing table. I love stalls like this because you can easily bring an older child and a baby to the bathroom at the same time without any major mishaps. On the flip side, the toilet seat cover hold was broken, the toilet paper dispenser was falling off the wall and there was quite a bit of paper on the floor. The light over the sink did not work and appeared to be coming away from the wall. The sink was full of debris and needed a good cleaning. The paper towel dispenser was in an odd place behind the faucet and required some maneuvering to get the towels out. I expected more out of this DC landmark.

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