Monday, April 23, 2007

Zola Washington, DC (800 F. Street)

I had the pleasure of dining at Zola's on F Street last Friday night. It's a beautifully decorated restaurant and I was certain the bathroom would be equally as stunning. I was not disappointed, but of course there were a couple of areas that could stand improvement. The red and silver d├ęcor was very nice. The doors were floor to ceiling and solid with a circle of decorative opaque glass about 3/4's of the way up. The locks were strong and sturdy (I have a fear of being exposed). When I opened one of the doors, I found a solid wall of sheet rock. I was a bit confused, but soon discovered the stall and the one beside it had been converted into a nice large handicap stall complete with its own sink. The regular sinks were a little on the messy side with water and hair and the mirror was in need of a wipe down. One of the soap dispensers was inoperable, the others were fine and the soap was nicely scented and not overly drying. It was definitely one of the nicer bathrooms I’ve rated this week. If you get a chance to dine there make sure you check on the restroom. I have to give an honorable mention to the Apple Martini. I am not an Apple Martini drinker because I find them overly sweet and let’s be honest it’s not REALLY a martini, it’s just a fruity drink in a martini glass, but that’s a whole other blog. Our friend did not care for the one our waitress brought, but I tasted it just to see and it was perfect! The color was a very nice barely there green, not the usual nuclear waste, swamp creature green. The taste was strong and pleasant with a hint of apple as opposed to slap you upside the head jolly rancher flavor you get with most places. I might actually order one, but I still wouldn’t call it a Martini.

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