Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Rumors, 19th Street, Washington, DC

Rotting Wood Moldy Caulk

Jeez, where do I begin? A lot of people I used to work with love this place. I've been in once or twice because it's close to my hair dresser (shocker), but I had never been in the restroom prior to this visit. Let me tell you this, I will not be back. It was a sad little bathroom. There was an odor the moment I opened the door and my eyes immediately focused on the rotting wood underneath the dripping soap dispenser. There was moldy caulk all around the sink and it was peeling away from the bowl. I gingerly entered into the stalls to find something growing behind the toilet. OK, growing is not the right word, but something that should not have been there was quite comfortable. The stalls were in need of a serious paint job as it was very apparent things had been ripped off and replaced and in some cases just ripped off. I suppose an establishment that is primarily a place to get plastered and then leave your stomach contents on the sidewalk does not need a nice bathroom. What's that? How do I know? Well, my hairdresser is next door and I have had the pleasure of seeing the sidewalk the day after a Friday night at Rumors. This is definitely not my kind of place. I'm going to attempt to post some pics of the place now.


canary said...

Your blog is very interesting!
Bye bye

Chuckles said...

DC has a great selection of snooty bars. I judge a bar solely based on the bathrooms. Rumors is a hole and the bathrooms are a perfect justification of this classification.

Five is as bad.

Gunfighter said...


THE and I mean THE best pickup story that I have, took place at Rumors, circa 1986.

The men's room was in bad shape 20 years ago, so I can only imagine how bad it is now!