Wednesday, May 9, 2007


We have all seen it at one time or another. That person who comes out of the stall and strolls right past the sink and out the door without even a thought given to 20 seconds of hot soapy water. Oftentimes its co-workers; and it provides me with yet another reason to hate the dreaded potluck get together. I mean let’s be real here, if you can’t wash your hands after a trip to the restroom in front of other people, what must you do in your own home when no one is watching? I imagine washing your dog in the kitchen sink and using your barbeque brushes to give his teeth a nice brushing. I remember one conversation in particular with a co-worker regarding hand washing. I said men especially need to wash their hands because of the way you carry out your procedure (I’m trying to be delicate). He proceeded to explain to me that it’s all skin and it isn’t any different than when you touch your face. WHAT?! After I realized he was in fact serious about this revelation, I made a mental note to NEVER sample anything coming from his home and hopefully never shake his hand because I know where it’s been and I know he didn’t wash it. I wonder if he feels the same about the skin inside of his nose or between his toes. Look people; WASH YOUR HANDS EVERYTIME. You are a gross, gross, disgusting person if you do not. For those of you who do the hand wash drive by (3 seconds of cold water, no soap and a quick shake); you are just as gross as your counterparts who never touch the water. Wash your hands; if you’re not sure how to do it, I have a 5 year old who has become quite proficient.

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JC! said...

You have to wash before also. You never know what you're transfering to that sensitive skin.