Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shoppers Food Warehouse, Duke Street, Alexandria

The saga of the dirty grocery store bathroom continues with my brief review of the Shoppers on Duke Street. I VERY rarely go into this store because I can't stand this shopping center. The parking lot is a haven for people who either can't drive, don't know how to cross the street or both. The only reason I come in is for the Jamaican Beef patties that Mr. Lavatory Man likes so much. If anyone knows where I can buy Cocoa bread please let me know.

Anyway, back to the nasty little bathroom. There were two stalls and each had pieces of the lock missing so people can see right into the stall. NICE! There was the standard yucky soap and both soap dispensers were broken. The water only had one knob and it never got warm. I guess since it's a discount place hot water is too expensive. There was paper on the floor, the mirror was dirty as was the trashcan. There was also a changing table, but I wouldn't have used it even if it meant having a funky minivan for a couple of days (yes, I drive a minivan, SHUT UP!) The most interesting thing was the paper stuffed into the wall behind one of the toilets. It appears to be a peep hole leading to the men's room. I was not about to remove the paper and have God knows what flying out of the hole. Bad, very bad. Yet another reason for me to avoid this shopping center.

OK wait, they do have a Total Wine there and they are the only ones who carry my Lillet. So I'll go for that, but NO FOOD!!

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