Monday, May 21, 2007

What the Heck Is This?

This is a toilet in the ladies room where I work? I've taken to calling it the squat pot, but seriously I have never seen a toilet like this in the ladies room.
Does anybody know what this is?


Nicole said...

Could it actually be a squat pot?

In the middle east, I have seen women's rooms that have holes in the floors so women who wear traditional Muslim garb can easily go without removing everything. Maybe it is the American take on it since we would be too weirded out by a hole in the floor?

Lavatory Lady said...

You might be right! Thanks for the response.


Anonymous said...

American Sanistand female urinal. Mfg in US 1950-1973.

Lavatory Lady said...

Ahhh...the question has been answered. Thanks Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

These of course are female urinals they have lost out in popularity lately. here is the instructions on how to use.