Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ten Penh, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC

I had a lunch date with my husband at Ten Penh last week. It was a beautiful day and work was slow, so we took a nice long leisurely lunch. About halfway through the lunch we realized we both left our wallets!! Fortunately for both of us, I am a bit disorganized and I had a credit card in the bottom of my purse that I had failed to put back in its rightful place. Had I been of the organized variety, it would have been back at the office inside the wallet which was inside a brown paper back in my office drawer. Really, don't ask. At any rate; we sat outside and once we realized we didn't have to wash dishes; we enjoyed a very nice lunch. We had the spring roll appetizer; nice and light but full of flavor. My husband enjoyed the steak salad and I had the vegetable hot pot. It was essentially vegetables in broth in an actual pot. It doesn't sound like much, but they managed to make it very tasty and enjoyable.

I checked out the bathrooms just before I left and took note of the well stocked bar on the way. The bathroom was a bit on the small side, but still very nice. It was very clean and thoughtfully decorated. The color scheme was deep red and black; one of my favorites. Pastels in bathrooms annoy me for some reason. The sink was nice and the stalls were impeccably clean. One draw back is that they need a trashcan near the door (see bottom pic). As we all know some people don't wash their hands after a trip to the restroom and there are those of us who will open the door using a paper towel rather than using our nice newly washed hands. Unfortunately, some of us (not me) will leave the paper towel on the floor or elsewhere if there is not trash can near the door. I loved everything about Ten Penh; just add a trashcan near the door and it is on my top 10 list.


gwadzilla said...

people suck!

as a father of two young boys I have cleaned more public bathrooms than I care to count

the boys got to poop
I got ta clean the toilet

they always have to wash their hands
I need to clean and dry the whole basin area
it is always a puddle or a swamp

the wee ones lean in with their elbows at sink level
if I don't get to it first
they get all wet

people suck!

should I get started on the trash people throw out of their cars in Rock Creek Park?

Lavatory Lady said...

YES, people do indeed suck!! I say it all the time. I'll bet some of these folks constantly complain about how dirty other people are while they toss their trash on the floor.