Monday, August 6, 2007

Crazy Google Results

So my husband and I are thinking of adopting a little girl and I set about doing research by searching for an agency to help with the adoption of a toddler. Check out some very interesting results:

Black Toddlers
Find black toddlers at Great Prices.

African American Toddler
Find, compare & buy. Compare & Buy from 1000's of stores.

HAHA...I'm sure the process will not be that easy; at least I certainly hope not.


1986 said...

Yeah i'd be a little concerned too if it were that ahhh, commercial.

Kudos to you LL for considering adoption, there are lots of kids out there in need of a good home and loving parents.

Lavatory Lady said...

Thanks 1986! I've said since I was a little girl that I wanted to adopt a child. It just seems like the saddest thing in the world to grow up without a home.